About Us

MidEastStrategist.com is a resource on the Middle East economy and the range of investment opportunities that the Middle East presents. Our audience includes novice investors with minimal knowledge about the Middle East and its financial markets; sophisticated investors who have experience in the Middle East markets; and everyone in between.

MidEastStrategist.com is premised on the idea that the Middle East presents a compelling investment opportunity and that the story behind why the Middle East has become such an attractive investment is worth telling.

MidEastStrategist.com recognizes that the Middle East economies cannot be analyzed or understood entirely outside the realm of geopolitical events. Thus, we seek also to educate our viewers about how political events are affecting, or are likely to affect, the Middle East economies and capital markets. And, at MidEastStrategist.com, you will find a variety of resources that provide wide-ranging information about the Middle East.

MidEastStrategist.com is produced by a team with diverse experience in finance, economics and public policy.

We encourage you to contact us at info@MidEastStrategist.com if you have any questions about who we are or about the information, data and research that we provide; or suggestions about what types of additional coverage you would like to see on our site.

To advertise with us and reach our sophisticated investment and business-oriented readership, please contact: Info@MidEastStrategist.com

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