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  • Pound gains eroded as Beirut gears up for mass protest

    The Lebanese pound fell against the dollar Saturday, trading at around LL7,825 as the blast stricken capital geared up for a day of rage against the country’s ruling authorities.

  • Lebanese pound buoyed by BDL measures, foreign aid

    The Lebanese pound rose against the US dollar Friday, trading at around LL7,250 on the black market, a day after the Central Bank took a series of monetary measures in light of a devastating blast that rocked the capital this week.

  • Lebanon faces new wheat woes

    Precious wheat spilled out of disemboweled silos, mixing with soot, debris and cement: Beirut's port blast has gutted Lebanon's largest grain storage and sparked public panic over bread shortages.

  • No payouts if unsafe material source of blast: insurers

    Lebanon’s insurance companies are waiting for the completion of the investigation into the causes of Beirut Port’s explosion before deciding if the shipping companies, terminal owners, businesses and houses that were damaged meet the conditions for insurance coverage, the head of the Lebanese insurance association said Thursday.

  • Central Bank tells banks to offer interest free loans for blast victims

    The Central Bank Thursday asked Lebanese commercial banks to offer zero percent interest loans in US dollars to individuals, SMEs and corporations to repair their houses, businesses and shops that were damaged by Tuesday’s Beirut Port explosion.

  • Wazni asks France to provide urgent aid to Lebanon

    Finance Minister Ghazi Wazni called on his French counterpart Bruno Le Maire to help Lebanon to open letters of credit from abroad and to provide urgent assistance to Lebanese affected by Tuesday’s disaster.

  • Port blast further stifles Lebanon?s economy

    The catastrophe that struck Lebanon Tuesday will further exacerbate the economic woes in the country as the government rushes to secure massive financial assistance in order to rebuild Beirut Port and devastated areas.

  • Lebanese pound rises slightly as aid offers roll in

    The Lebanese pound rose slightly against the dollar Wednesday, trading at LL8,000 as leaders worldwide pledged to aid Lebanon after it suffered from a huge explosion that leveled large parts of Beirut.

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